You’re up to something.

You’re committed to progress in your business – and your life.

You’re looking for more. A team whose holistic approach takes both you and the business into account. A team that does the financial tasks you lack time, will or skill to do. A team so focused on creating value that it pays for itself many times over.

Michael Koff & Associates is a highly creative and responsive, boutique CPA firm dedicated to serving a small group of owner-manager clients who expect nothing less than excellence and who are committed to making progress in their business and in their lives.

Equal parts statistician, quarterback and coach, we’ll challenge you to play the numbers game better than you imagined possible… to be your financial best.

At Michael Koff & Associates, we call it Forward Thinking Finance. Yes – we do tax, retirement, investment, estate, succession, corporate structure and money management planning. Sure, we can help you build and sell your business. Of course – we’ll prepare your annual financial statements, personal and corporate tax returns.

It’s just that we go beyond the numbers. We’re not only accountants; we’re trusted advisors. We are a resource for all of your financial needs; we connect you to the professionals you and your business need to excel.

We know your business goals are part of a bigger picture that includes personal and family goals.




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