Michael Koff and Associates

We are dedicated to working with you to achieve your dreams. Whether it be the development and implementation of effective strategies to grow your business or those to advance your personal financial position, you can count on us to be there leading the way. 

  • Acquisition support: Growing through the purchase of existing businesses
  • Consulting services: Rationalizing and reducing costs (improving the bottom line!)
  • Consulting services: Increasing your sales growth
  • Management information systems: Ensuring your business has the appropriate key performance indicators and metrics to gauge at a glance whether the business is winning or losing
  • Wealth creation: Ensuring your net worth is growing as required to meet your life objectives
  • Corporate structure evolution: Ensuring as your affairs change, the optimal structures are identified and put in place
  • Exit strategy: Working to define your exit strategy at the beginning, so all your actions are consistent with this goal
  • Tax-free growth: Strategies to realize the sale of your business with little or no capital gains tax being due



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