We provide the necessary tax compliance and financial reporting to handle all of your day-to-day accounting needs. Our comprehensive services include compliance, audit support, evaluation of investment returns, corporate banking and more. 

  • Compliance: Annual financial statements, corporate and personal tax returns. Filing HST and EHT returns. Preparation of a payment schedule that outlines the type, amount and deadline date for all key personal and corporate payments. Preparation of T3s (trust income), T4s (salary income) and T5s (interest, dividend income) and related summaries
  • Audit support: Comprehensive support in the event of an audit by CRA or other government authority
  • Evaluating investment returns: Periodic meetings with your investment advisors to identify deviations in investment returns and consider options for improvement
  • Corporate banking: Prepare materials for your bank, meet as required with your bankers, monitor bank covenants
  • Financial performance reviews: For businesses without strong financial management – periodic meetings with your management team to ensure your enterprise is on track with its annual plan
  • Monitor changing business environment: Systems to identify the constantly changing landscape and tools to assist in developing strategies so your business can adapt and maintain market share



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